TRUE GRIT Cowboy Action Shooting Match hosted by the Umpqua Regulators

The TRUE GRIT Cowboy Action Shooting match is held annually by the Roseburg, Oregon Single Action Shooting Society Club, the Umpqua Regulators. Each stage, evilly hand-crafted by Buckshot Pete, requires 50-rounds of ammo! The shooter will be required to have FOUR Single Action revolvers, TWO Lever-Action Rifles and ONE shotgun (with a belt full of shotgun ammo at the ready).

Fifty rounds, minimum, of ammunition goes down range on each of the 10 stages over the course of two days.

The shooters will be well nourished by the provided lunches, Saturday and Sunday, and the catered dinner Saturday night! Relax, when you’re off the shooting line, in lush, free camping, down by the Umpqua River.