TRUE GRIT Cowboy Action Shooting Match Review Part 3

Here is JED iTV’s final installment of the 3-Part TRUE GRIT Cowboy Action Shooting Match Review.

This episode features stages shot by Jed I. (shot from 3 separate camera angles)
Bear Bone Smith, High Road, Powder River Rose and Irish Thayer (on the JED iTV Hat-Cam)!

I hope you enjoy it! In the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting video from this year’s Oregon State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship match! I will include video from all 12 stages, with footage from all 15 shooters on my posse, as well as highlights from all the other activities we managed to catch on video. There is hours of footage to go thru (70 gigs worth!!) and get it narrowed down to the “best of times” for JED iTV. So, stay tuned!!