Battle of Rogue River in Merlin, Oregon

The 10th Annual Battle of Rogue River is in the history books! 

 I had a great time, saw some of my old Pards and made some new ones. 

I won a shotgun, took 1st Place in Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter, was voted Best Dressed Gentleman and, at 12th Place Overall, I was the highest placing Black Powder shooter at the match. 


A funny story; I actually sold this shotgun to the cowpoke that donated it to the Battle of Rogue River match as a Shooter Prize. I ended up selling it to “Hot Rod” Rodney, whom you may remember from JED iTV’s “Trying it Out” series. 

Speaking of JED iTV, a full review of the Match is posted on their YouTube channel. Here is a preview of what you can expect in that review:

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

After much research I’ve decided to make an investment that will help me take my videos to the next level. I purchased the new GoPro Hero 4 Silver edition.

Now you may ask, “Why the Silver edition over the Black edition?” Admittedly that was a tough call. But for me, being new to the GoPro world, I thought the Silver would be a great “jump-into point” for a new GoPro user.

The LCD screen on the silver seems very intuitive and the camera itself is PACKED with almost all the features of the 4 Black for $100 less. Granted the frame rates the two cameras shoot in are quite a bit different, as demonstrated by this comparison chart:


But, in Looking at the reviews and watching the side-by-side comparisons of the finished video footage from both the Black and Silver 4’s I believe the Silver is the best choice for my channel and the type of videos that I will be shooting.

I sure am looking forward to bringing all my viewers some great new videos and I hop y’all will be there to watch, enjoy and discuss them! Stay tuned!! There will be Action, Drama and Comedy on the JediGunfighter Gunfighter channel.


I had an awesome time shooting this weekend.

I spent Saturday with the Table Rock Rangers, in White City, Oregon. And I shot on Sunday with the Klamath Cowboys over in Keno, Oregon.

I figured since I had this beard and mustache for the holidays (and No-shave November) I’d play around with a “handlebar” style mustache, like my Pard, “Papa” Mad-River Mongo. So, on Saturday when he came to shoot with us in White City I had styled my mustachio in a similar fashion to his…


Then, when I showed up in Klamath Falls today, “Papa” Mongo was sporting his “Jed I.” styled hair.


So much fun!

Coolest Pin


This is the Pin I received after winning Cap ‘N’ Ball Gunfighter at the SASS Oregon State Black Powder Championship Match in Bend. It is one of my favorites!! I actually won using the very same type of revolver pictured on the pin; 1851 Navy. The gun favored by Wild Bill Hickok and myself.

The Eye of the Beholder

I just recently raised the question “what do y’all see in the cloud of smoke?” on my facebook “Cover Photo” (this link will take you to that picture and thread:
July 2012 facebook "Cover Photo"

This is the original picture with an unedited cloud of smoke. What does the shape look like to YOU?

Well, I got a lot of different guesses but none of them were what I saw in my mind when I looked at the smoke.  So, here, after a little photo-shopping is my vision:

Edited July 2012 facebook "Cover Photo"

Do you see what I see?

What do y’all think? 🙂