Merlin Marauders CAS Match Announcement

I was recently contacted by Britt Ponsitt, the President of a local Southern Oregon Cowboy Action Shooting Clubs; the Merlin Marauders ( ). Britt was interested in having me put together a video announcement, an “ad” or commercial, if you will, for their upcoming annual match; the 10th Annual Battle of Rogue River.

Here are the results of his request:

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JED iTV Interview with SASS National Champion Cattle Baron

As promised in an earlier JED iTV video; here is my interview with SASS’s Cattle Baron National Champion.

I hope y’all enjoy this video. It was a labor of love! Many (many) hours spent editing this one. I had a lot of wind and background noise that I was dealing with. Plus it was my first attempt at melding footage from three separate cameras.
As alway I welcome your comments and constructive feedback!

Another New Shooter Joins SASS

Jed iTV put together this video to introduce Judge Howard to the Single Action Shooting Society and Cowboy Action Shooters worldwide.

The plan is to visit with the judge after he has been shooting for a year. At that time we will see how his shooting has changed / evolved. And weather there have been any changes in his gear.

Stay tuned!!

Tall Tale to Put a Smile on Your Face

This week I present to you an action-packed tall-tale coming out of the Northwest Territories. It’s Birthday Shopping… Cowboy Action Shooting Style!! Brought to you as only the SASS’ Dark Knight Gunfighter can do.

A “Prop Failure” like the one shown above is pretty unusual and uncommon in our sport. And, in all circumstances, that would and should be grounds for a reshoot.

Another First

When Purgatory Smith and I discovered we had a mutaul Pard, Rodney Pierson, interested in Cowboy Action Shooting we outfitted him with gear, guns and ammo he’d need to shoot an entire match and took him to a monthly match with the Table Rock Rangers (White City, OR)!

Something really cool happened when Rodney shot his fifth and final stage of that day. And the folks at Jed iTV were there and captured that moment.

Check it out!

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Caddie Buddy’s GoPro Barrel Mount

Caddie Buddy’s GoPro Barrel Mount used for Cowboy Action Shooting

The lovely Miss Harley Davidson helps me demo the latest toy in the JediGunfighterTV arsenal. This is the GoPro Barrel Mount from the folks at Caddie Buddy dot com. And Harley let us mount it on her 32/20 Marlin Carbine during one of the Hawkinsville Claim Jumpers pairs match.


Miss Harley is seen shooting Lady Black Powder Gunfighter with Multi-State Cowboy Action Shooting Champion Elder Statesmen, Bloody Bill Anderson.

The Caddie Buddy Barrel mount worked real well for mounting to rifles, pistols and single barrel shotguns. Unfortunately, the jaws do not open wide enough to accommodate a double barrel shotgun.

Mounting is simple; just set your GoPro so that the lens will be lined up with this space for the barrel, clamp it on and you are ready to capture some great shots! Whether you are hunting, doing target practice or, like us, cowboy action shooting.


Cowboy Action Shooting is Also Good Therapy

Having FUN. And, in this case, healing with your Pards. Another benefit of Cowboy Action Shooting.

I give a lot of credit my to my long time Pard, JD Walker, for teaching me the value of having FUN while competing in Cowboy Action Shooting. JD Walker has been Cowboy Action Shooting since way, way back early on in the sport. And he happened to be a member of the first clubs that I joined, the Jefferson State Regulators, back in 2000.

JD was one of the Regulators that taught me about the sport. JD always brought laughter! His skills, then and now, behind a gun are very impressive too. I learned SO much from him during those early, informative years.

A coupe of years back JD took a break from the Sport to care for his ailing wife; the beautiful Miss Rebel Belle. Rebel was battling Parkinson’s and needed full time care. JD never left her side. Rebel passed the morning of February 1st, 2015. Leaving a big hole in Cowboy Action Shooting community, and beyond. She will be missed and remembered by many.

Just two weeks after Rebel passed was Valentine’s Day, some Pards talked JD into getting out of the house and coming out to visit his old Pards that we’re having a Cowboy Action Shooting match that day. JD, apprehensively, agreed.

JD came out visited, hugged and shared more than a few tears with his Pards. He was overheard at one point mentioning that he missed being the Timer Operator and RO’ing shooters thru a course of fire. Well, we wasted not a moment putting a timer in his hand. JD felt right at home. And, he looked right at home.

Of course, we didn’t want him to leave without sending a few rounds downrange! We thought it’d be good therapy for him. Turns out it was… for him and for us, too. My good Pard, and one of my fiercest competitors, General Lee Goode, put together a very unconventional stage for JD to shoot. The results speak for themselves.

Cowboy Action Shooting with the Hawkinsville Claim Jumpers

The latest video posted to JediGunfighterTV features 16 Cowboy Action Shooters from the State of Jefferson participating in the Hawkinsville Claim Jumpers’ “5th Saturday Pairs Match”. Twenty shooters arrived at this match. All of them drew numbers from a hat and were then randomly teamed-up with another shooter whose number matched their own.

Each team of two had to work hard, together, to beat the other nine teams and see which pair came out on top as the “Fastest Team of the Day”!

Footage of the Cowboy Action Shooters was captured by the crew at JediGunfighterTV then edited and processed in our Oregon Studio. At just under 11 minutes long, this is one of our longest running video releases to date! Some of the shooters in this video were captured on and/or are wearing our new GoPro HERO 4 Silver with special harness provided by EEEKit!!

I filmed this footage on two devices during this match; my new GoPro HERO 4 Silver and the Jed iPhone 5S. Most of the action on the GoPro was tracked by a Bluetooth connection to a 4th Generation Jed iPad. While the HERO 4 has a rear screen, which is convenient in some situations, I found using the Jed iPad as a remote worked best in this situation.

I matched up the footage from the two devices in the editing process mostly by following the sound peaks using Corel Video Pro. This was also my first time using Corel Video Pro to edit video. I really like this program and I am looking forward exploring the new features and using it to bring some quality videos to JediGunfighter TV.

One thing I noticed about using the GoPro to capture video is that it compresses the sound of the shot. I am not sure if this had to do with being in the sealed-back case or if it is a setting in the device itself. At any rate I should be able to correct some of that in the editing process, if not in the way the sound is recorded live.