TRUE GRIT Cowboy Action Shooting Match Review Part 1

This is Part 1 of JED iTV’s three-part review of the Umpqua Regulators’ Annual “TRUE GRIT” Cowboy Action Shooting Match. This video series, shot in Roseburg, Oregon, features a review of all 10 stages of this unique match.  We introduce all of the Single Action Shooting Society member’s that shot on the Posse with our host, Jed I. Knight. All shooting styles and speeds are represented in this video!

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Battle of Rogue River Review

Howdy All,

Here is my first attempt at “reviewing” a Cowboy Action Shooting match. My concept was to provide the host club, in this case The Merlin Marauders, a product that would, perhaps, lure potential shooters to their match. While at the same time providing folks that are new to Cowboy Action Shooting, or considering the sport, an opportunity to see what it would be like to attend a large Annual Match. This footage covers everything from the shooters packet, to a preview of all 10 Stages to the Top-Gun shoot-off and much more.

The videos are meant to be fun (and at times down-right funny), educational, entertaining and informative (I call it Wild West Infotainment).

Each video runs about 15 minutes, which is about the same length of time as a television program would be. And, I think the quality of the footage and the content is more entertaining than a lot of what is on The Tube nowadays. But, that’s my opinion and I’m biased about this stuff. So, I wanna know what you think.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Battle of Rogue River in Merlin, Oregon

The 10th Annual Battle of Rogue River is in the history books! 

 I had a great time, saw some of my old Pards and made some new ones. 

I won a shotgun, took 1st Place in Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter, was voted Best Dressed Gentleman and, at 12th Place Overall, I was the highest placing Black Powder shooter at the match. 


A funny story; I actually sold this shotgun to the cowpoke that donated it to the Battle of Rogue River match as a Shooter Prize. I ended up selling it to “Hot Rod” Rodney, whom you may remember from JED iTV’s “Trying it Out” series. 

Speaking of JED iTV, a full review of the Match is posted on their YouTube channel. Here is a preview of what you can expect in that review:

Merlin Marauders CAS Match Announcement

I was recently contacted by Britt Ponsitt, the President of a local Southern Oregon Cowboy Action Shooting Clubs; the Merlin Marauders ( ). Britt was interested in having me put together a video announcement, an “ad” or commercial, if you will, for their upcoming annual match; the 10th Annual Battle of Rogue River.

Here are the results of his request:

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Another New Shooter Joins SASS

Jed iTV put together this video to introduce Judge Howard to the Single Action Shooting Society and Cowboy Action Shooters worldwide.

The plan is to visit with the judge after he has been shooting for a year. At that time we will see how his shooting has changed / evolved. And weather there have been any changes in his gear.

Stay tuned!!

Another First

When Purgatory Smith and I discovered we had a mutaul Pard, Rodney Pierson, interested in Cowboy Action Shooting we outfitted him with gear, guns and ammo he’d need to shoot an entire match and took him to a monthly match with the Table Rock Rangers (White City, OR)!

Something really cool happened when Rodney shot his fifth and final stage of that day. And the folks at Jed iTV were there and captured that moment.

Check it out!

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Caddie Buddy’s GoPro Barrel Mount

Caddie Buddy’s GoPro Barrel Mount used for Cowboy Action Shooting

The lovely Miss Harley Davidson helps me demo the latest toy in the JediGunfighterTV arsenal. This is the GoPro Barrel Mount from the folks at Caddie Buddy dot com. And Harley let us mount it on her 32/20 Marlin Carbine during one of the Hawkinsville Claim Jumpers pairs match.


Miss Harley is seen shooting Lady Black Powder Gunfighter with Multi-State Cowboy Action Shooting Champion Elder Statesmen, Bloody Bill Anderson.

The Caddie Buddy Barrel mount worked real well for mounting to rifles, pistols and single barrel shotguns. Unfortunately, the jaws do not open wide enough to accommodate a double barrel shotgun.

Mounting is simple; just set your GoPro so that the lens will be lined up with this space for the barrel, clamp it on and you are ready to capture some great shots! Whether you are hunting, doing target practice or, like us, cowboy action shooting.